Goals and Objectives

Berry  Health Benefits Committee

1. Goal: Provide leadership in communication of berry health benefits to the public.

1.1 To foster berry health benefits research and interchange with the scientific community.
1.2 To promote awareness and understanding of the health and nutritional benefits of berries, leading to increased consumption of berry crops
1.3 To emphasis the consumption of whole fruit.
1.4 To emphasis the synergy of the health benefits of all berries.

Berry Crop Production Committee

2. Goal: Berries produced in America will be safe, of high quality and sustainable.

2.1. Objectives: To promote Safe Food through targeted research and implementation of best growing and handling practices.

  • Definition: efforts should include targeting microbiological-related food-safety risks and pesticide-residue minimization.
    • Action Items:
    • Following information gathering and stakeholder coordination develop a Berry Crop Food Safety White paper, which would framework general recommendations.
    • NBCI needs to coordinate its efforts with other stakeholders to support a common sense program that can be utilized by both large and small organizations, and one that applies to all berry crops.

2.2. To promote long-term sustainable production.

  • Definition: long-term sustainability of water, energy, nutrients and soil through practices such as water and soil conservation, efficient nutrient utilization and IPM.
    • Potential Action Items: No Committee Action recommended at this time.

2.3 To improve berry production efficiency and profitability.

  • Definition: This objective will include efforts involving labor efficiency, harvest mechanization, improved pest control (new low-risk pesticides, cultural practices, increased understanding of pest biology, improved utilization of existing pest control methods, plant nutrition, irrigation technology, cultural methods and practices, and breeding and germplasm improvement.
    • Potential Action Items: No Committee Action recommended at this time.

2.4 To improve fresh and processed berry quality.

  • Definition: berry quality includes berry nutrition, shelf-life, sugar and acid concentration and other notable berry-specific flavor characteristics, off-flavors, molds, and physical defects including scars and blemishes.
    • Potential Action Items: No Committee Action recommended at this time.

2.5 To communicate NBCI Production priorities.

  • Definition: Share Goals and Objectives with appropriate audiences in order to provide the best opportunity for Goal accomplishment.
    • i. To communicate NBCI Production priorities to researchers and funding entities.
      • Action Item:  Communicate Goals and Objectives to funding agencies and the research community.
    • ii. To provide researcher-support letters for projects that meet Production priorities.
      • Action Item: Develop an NBCI mechanism for Support-Letter approval.

Public Policy Committee

3.0 Priority Issues

  • 3.1 Ensure that research and Extension for berry crops are addressed in farm bill legislation and implemented by USDA
  • 3.2 Ensure that implementation of school focused farm bill programs, as well as other federal feeding, nutrition, and health programs, for increased consumption of fruits and vegetables is favorable for the berry crop industry.  Monitor the Dietary Guidelines of Americans and influence those to support berry consumption.
  • 3.3 Ensure that implementation of specialty block grant programs are favorable for the berry crop industry
  • 3.4 Ensure that food bio-security and food safety guidelines and/or regulations are practical, are based on sound science and risk analysis and are commodity, geographically, and farm specific
  • 3.5 Ensure that federal agricultural labor policies and legislation provides for an adequate and consistent labor supply, minimizes bureaucracy, and provides for affordable labor

General Action Plans/Working Strategies

  • 3.6 Facilitate a working group for each priority issue and reach out to NBCI members to participate(hope for participation by those with vested interest in an issue)
  • 3.7 Place NBCI members on stake holder advisory committees by identifying committees that relate to priority issues followed by nominating candidates for such positions.