Steering Committee

Farmers Market with flats of berries

  • Henry Bierlink, Executive Director, Washington Red Raspberry Commission
  • David Bell, Executive Director, Wild Blueberry Commission
  • Doug Buhler, Assoc. Director & Assoc. Dean, Michigan Agriculture. Experiment Station
  • Bill Cline, NCSU, Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium
  • Joe DeVerna, Manager, Agricultural Sciences
  • Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc
  • Jere Downing, Executive Director, Cranberry Institute
  • Thomas Fretz, Executive Director, NE Regional Association of State Agricultural Experiment Station Directors
  • Ron Fujii, Oregon Strawberry Commission
  • Anne Geyer, President, North American Strawberry Growers’ Association
  • Philip Gütt, Administrator, Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research, Oregon Raspberry & Blackberry Commission, Oregon Strawberry Commission
  • Dr. H. Michael Harrington, Executive Director, Western Regional Association of State Agricultural Experiment Station Directors
  • Shawn Crocker , Executive Director, Florida Strawberry Growers Association
  • Randy Honcoop, Research Chair, Washington Red Raspberry Commission
  • Ervin Lineberger, President, North American Bramble Growers’ Association
  • Nate Nourse, New England Vegetable & Berry Growers Assoc.
  • Tom Peerbolt, President, Peerbolt Crop Management
  • Sally Schneider, National Program Leader, Horticulture, Pathogens, & Germplasm, USDA/ARS, Beltsville
  • Rick Tomlinson, Director of Government Affairs, California Strawberry Commission
  • Mark Villata, Executive Director, North American Blueberry Council
  • Debby Wechsler, Executive Secretary & Treasurer, North American Bramble Growers Assocation, Executive Secretary, North Carolina Strawberry Assocation
  • Eric Young, Executive Director, Southern Regional Assoc. Ag. Exp. Sta. Directors


  • Tom Bewick, National Program Leader – Hort., USDA/CSREES with the collaboration of ARS through Kim Lewers, ARS Fruit Lab, Beltsville and Wilda Martinez, Director – North Atlantic Area.
  • Interim Co-directors Henry Bierlink, Anne Geyer
  • Working Committees


  • Tom Peerbolt, Chair
  • Joe DeVerna
  • Dena Fiacchino
  • Rick Tomlinson
  • Debbie Wechsler


  • David Bell, Chair
  • Henry Bierlink
  • Ron Fujii
  • Philip Gütt
  • Ervin Lineberger
  • Nate Nourse


  • Bill Cline, Chair
  • Anne Geyer
  • Debbie Wechsler