Raspberry blossom with ladybug

Core Purpose

To enhance the health and sustainability of the American berry crop industries.

Vision Statement

Consumption of berry crops provided by the American berry crop industry will triple by 2020. As a result, the American berry crop industry will be viewed as a model of agricultural efficiency, sustainability and prosperity. Berry crop consumption will result in improved human health and nutrition and prosperity for rural and agricultural communities.

Core Values

  • Integrity – of the products, of information, of the members;
  • Interdependence – capitalizing on common interests and opportunities;
  • Working Collectively – achieving common goals as a unified voice; what NBCI can do better than an individual industry working on its own; building trust;
  • Stewardship/Sustainability – environmental, economic, social;
  • Respect – internally and externally;
  • Leadership – for berry crops in particular and for Specialty Crops as a whole.