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What is NBCI?

Don Sturm of Sturm’s Berry Farm, Oregon
Don Sturm of Sturm’s Berry Farm, Oregon

The National Berry Crops Initiative (NBCI) is an organization that gives all parties interested in furthering the well-being of the US berry industry a forum to exchange ideas, network, and share important and timely information. While there are many groups dedicated to specific regions or commodities, NBCI is the only group which facilitates this at a national level and enhances demand for berry products on behalf of all industry stakeholders.

What does NBCI do?

NBCI works collectively via conference calls, committees, and action projects to represent the best interests of the berry industry as a whole for a common goal: to enhance the health and sustainability of the American berry crop. Our national objectives include:

  • Coordinating health benefit research related to the consumption of berries and the positive nutritional impact they have on human health.
  • Overseeing the steering committee for the biennial Berry Health Benefits Symposium, a conference which brings together both researchers and industry to share the most up to date health research in berries.
  • Providing leadership to positively shape governmental policy such as the farm bill, specialty crop block grants, agricultural labor laws, and food and food safety guidelines, which impact industry profitability. For example: advocating for a specific mention of berries in the 2020 Federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans as a nutrient-dense subsection of fruits.
  • Gathering and communicating best growing and handling practices so that that the berries produced in America are safe, sustainable, profitable and high quality.

Who are NBCI’s members?

Membership is primarily composed of state, regional, and national grower organizations and commodity commissions that have an interest in strawberries, blueberries, caneberries, and cranberries. We also welcome individual members and industry partners.

The NBCI board is composed of grower group representatives plus several at-large or individual members.

Why should you join NBCI?

Access. Information. Influence.

Your ideas and involvement will help ensure that NBCI projects directly benefit the industry, effectively linking consumption of berry products with positive health outcomes.

Our initiatives inspire and shape governmental policy, sustainability, and the marketplace, and membership is your access to the conversations and information, which are steering our collective the future. Join us today. Complete and submit the application form below. Dues for private individuals and industry are based on annual business volume in dollars.


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Oregon Berry Farm
Oregon Berry Farm